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  • Lindbergh’s Final Landing in St. Louis

    lindberghIn 1926, Charles Lindbergh compelled a group of local St. Louis businessmen into hoping they could see his vision for commercial aviation and prove the achievability of current modern aircraft. “First, I’ll show them how a non-stop flight between America and Europe will demonstrate the possibilities of aircraft, and help place St. Louis in the foreground of aviation,” Lindbergh said. “Second, I’ll show them that a modern airplane is capable of making the flight to Paris, and that a successful flight will cover its own costs.” Because of the support from the St. Louis backers, Lindbergh was given the freedom to pursue his dream of crossing the Atlantic in a single-engine monoplane with a single pilot, a more sound and ultimately successful way to make history.

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  • Stylish Guys Rejoice: Men’s Retailer Lindbergh Opens In Chesterfield Mall

    Good news for St. Louis men: There’s a new stylish shop in town. Hip, fashion-driven retailer Lindbergh is now open in Chesterfield Mall, offering up a stellar selection of men’s clothing, shoes and accessories.


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  • Lindbergh’s new store in Vegas (Downtown Summerlin)


    From apparel to accessories, we provide high quality goods produced with natural fibers. Lindbergh creates selected products where each item has a story to tell. You can stop worrying about looking good, stylishness comes at ease with our clothing. Inspired by Charles Augustus Lindbergh, a man with countless talents, we bring back classical style mixed with some modernism. Our hero encourages millions of people today to be daring, not only in life but in fashion too. Our three labels complete one another, representing men today. Our brand will fit right into your lifestyle and will give you what you need.

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  • The Stand Up Collar Cardigan

    Lindbergh Shop USA  The Stand Up Collar Cardigan

    The Stand Up Collar Cardigan: the name speaks for itself. This vintage timeless piece is indispensable in your closet. The tribal print never gets old. Black & off-white are passe-partout colors that assure an enduring look.

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  • LINDBERGH was established in 1927 by a group of stylists


    LINDBERGH was established in 1927 by a group of stylists whose aim was to reflect through their style the image of an ambitious and successful businessman. Our brand provides clothing that matches the Lindbergh personality.

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