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  • Aviator Charles Lindbergh became famous for making the first solo transatlantic airplane flight in 1927

     Did you know it was in Detroit Michigan that was born the famous Charles Lindbergh on February 4, 1902. Why was he famous? well because he completed the first solo transatlantic flight in his plane, Spirit of St. Louis. In 1932. But before he took to the skies, however, Lindbergh was raised on a farm in Minnesota and the son of a lawyer and a congressman. Lindbergh died of cancer on August 26, 1974, in his remote Maui home. #Lindbergh #LindberghFashion #LindberghMensWear #LindberghTakesFlight #LuckyLindy #SpiritOfSaintLouis #LindberghCPH #LindberghEST1927 #LindberghForYourEverydayHeroes #LindberghTheGreatAdventure #TheLindberghMan #LindberghAviation #LindberghInFlight #LindberghHeroes #LindberghManOfAction #LindberghPioneeringSpirit #LindberghExplorers #LindberghFightOrFlight #LindberghMenOfHonor  #LindberghTaleOfTwoCities #LindberghPilots #LindberghForYourEverydayHeroes #LindberghLegends #LindberghMenAreMadeNotBorn   #LindberghBreaksBarriers

  • On May 20, Lindbergh took off in the Spirit of St. Louis from Roosevelt Field. He landed at Le Bourget Field, near Paris. #Lindbergh

     Did you know that in1927 Charles Augustus took the challenge to be the first pilot to make the journey from New York to Paris without making any stops? On May 20th at 7:52 A.M he took off from Roosevelt Field in Long Island, New York flying a monoplane named Spirit of St Louis, he crosses the Atlantic Ocean. And after 33.5 hours in the air, he had travel more than 3.600 miles he landed at Le Bourguet Fiel near Paris. More than 100,000 people came to see this aviation history! Lindbergh received many prestigious honors, including the Distinguished Flying Cross Medal from President Calvin Coolidge.  #Lindbergh #LindberghFashion #LindberghMensWear #LindberghTakesFlight #LuckyLindy #SpiritOfSaintLouis #LindberghCPH #LindberghEST1927 #LindberghForYourEverydayHeroes #LindberghTheGreatAdventure #TheLindberghMan #LindberghAviation #LindberghInFlight #LindberghHeroes #LindberghManOfAction #LindberghPioneeringSpirit #LindberghExplorers #LindberghFightOrFlight #LindberghMenOfHonor  #LindberghTaleOfTwoCities #LindberghPilots #LindberghForYourEverydayHeroes #LindberghLegends #LindberghMenAreMadeNotBorn   #LindberghBreaksBarriers

  • Did you know that Charles Lindbergh was also an inventor and a writer?

    Did you know that Charles Lindbergh was also an inventor and a writer?

    Lindbergh was known for his hands-on approach to repairing and prepping his aircraft, and he later turned his mechanical wizardry toward biology. Between 1931 and 1935 Lindbergh teamed with Nobel Prize-winning French surgeon Alexis Carrel and invented an "artificial heart". Lindbergh's device could pump the substances necessary for life throughout the tissues of an organ. Lindbergh and Carrel later collaborated on a 1938 book on the subject called “The Culture of Organs.”

    Lindbergh also wrote a few book such has “ We” in 1927, “ The Spirit of St. Louis” in 1950, “The wartime journals” in 1970 .

    #Lindbergh #LindberghFashion #LindberghMensWear#LindberghTakesFlight
    #LuckyLindy #SpiritOfSaintLouis #LindberghCPH #LindberghEST1927 #LindberghForYourEverydayHeroes #LindberghTheGreatAdventure
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    #Lindbergh #LindberghForYourEverydayHeroes #LindberghLegends #LindberghMenAreMadeNotBorn   #LindberghBreaksBarriers

  • Has 'Shops Buckhead Atlanta' Got its Groove Back?

    High-end retail district The Shops Buckhead Atlanta just announced a handful of new stores opening over the next couple of months to follow last month’s opening of Tom Ford, COS, and Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery. The retail wave comes after the luxe shopping mecca suffered its first casualty earlier this year — American Food & Beverage — prompting some to wonder, perhaps prematurely, if the concept formerly known as Buckhead Atlanta was working.

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  • The Shops Buckhead Atlanta growing; will Tom Catherall open eatery?

    New openings for 2016 at The Shops Buckhead Atlanta, which began in February with the arrivals of Tom Ford, COS and Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery, are continuing in March with


    Interior photo of the new Tom Ford boutique at The Shops Buckhead Atlanta.

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  • What’s New At The Shops Buckhead Atlanta


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  • Exclusive: Latest stores announced for the Shops Buckhead Atlanta


    The beast that is Buckhead Atlanta (or rather, The Shops Buckhead Atlanta, as the development was rebranded last year amid shopper confusion) is still evolving. There have been reports of its “growing pains” and speculation about its stability, but nevertheless, it is plowing into the new year with a slew of new openings announced exclusively to Atlanta magazine—and there are some pretty exciting ones at that.

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  • What’s New – The Shops Buckhead Atlanta for 2016


    ATLANTA, GA (January 14, 2016) The Shops Buckhead Atlanta has announced the addition of several new ultra-luxe retailers and restaurants in 2016. The success of this walkable city sanctuary continues to draw some of the world’s most desirable brands.

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  • What's New & Next at The Shops Buckhead Atlanta



    The Shops Buckhead Atlanta is proud to announce the addition of several new ultra-luxe retailers and restaurants in 2016. The success of this walkable city sanctuary continues to draw some of the world’s most desirable brands.

    “By adding these unique retailers and restaurants, The Shops Buckhead Atlanta will continue to set the bar as the most sophisticated and luxurious shopping destination in the South,” says Mary Kathryn Wells, Director of Marketing for The Shops Buckhead Atlanta. “As we continue into 2016, we anticipate the announcement of more new and notable additions to our world-class space.”


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  • Buckhead Atlanta Compensates for Closure with Openings


    Some might say that OliverMcMillan's high-end retail district Buckhead Atlanta struggled to gain traction in its first year. But after a name rebranding to the no-less-confusing "Shops Buckhead Atlanta," fortunes may be slowly changing. In a press release yesterday, the development's leaders announced the closure of American Food & Beverage effective immediately. They expressed disappointment about the closure, but as the saying kind of goes, as one luxe retail space dies, another is born.

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