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Monthly Archives: May 2015

  • Label Me Lindbergh

    Terrence Lindbergh USA Shop

    What’s better than a masculine guy? A cool, masculine guy that acquires a certain appeal when arranging his wardrobe. Everyone has a story, so that sophisticated fellow you can’t stop staring at wears an article that correlates beyond clothing. What’s so different is that this gentleman has a story that rests in between the creases of that button-down and upon the top of his hat. Lindbergh is a high fashion industrial company that caters to the creation of clothing that complements the man on his journey. Lindbergh serves more than the macho man; this brand is ideal for the informed individual who knows himself. Lindbergh features three labels that offers different styles of clothing to fit any man who loves the idea of looking good. So, I have another question: “What are you wearing this summer?” Before you answer that, let’s figure out what kind of man you are.

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  • Chesterfield Mall :: Lindbergh Grand Opening :: MWIN

    Every so often I get an invitation to a special event, but rarely do I receive a request for something that my husband would be front and center involved with. And since I love this guy a whole heck of a lot, I was really excited to tour Chesterfield Mall and Lindbergh (a newly opened menswear store) with him!


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  • Chesterfield Mall Tour With Lindbergh, Evereve, Sephora and Pottery Barn

    IMG_3758I love when I get to feature great people and places in this space and I love it even more when those people are as great as the group of stylish guys I got a chance to spend the evening with last week. I teamed up with ALIVE Magazine and Chesterfield Mall shops, Evereve, Sephora, Pottery Barn and Lindbergh to introduce you to a few shopping destinations you may not know about.

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  • Spirit

    There is a lot of truth to the line “every girl is crazy about a sharp dressed man”. Well ladies and gents, the fellas in the Lou are about to have a new resource that will help with the sharp dressed part. This week I joined several local bloggers and Alive Magazine for a tour of several fabulous stores at Chesterfield Mall including the new premier menswear store Lindbergh.

    The first stop on our tour was Sephora where we were given an over view of the store and who knew that you could walk into Sephora and get a mini makeover or take free classes. Well I am here to tell you that Sephora gives free classes on everything from contouring to brows, I mean this has to be the best kept secret in the beauty world. You can find more details including classes offered and class times listed on their website.

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  • St. Louis’ Most Stylish Gents Get An Exclusive Sneak Peek Of The Area’s Newest Men’s Store: Lindbergh

    A group of stylish St. Louis gents headed out to Chesterfield Mall last week for an exclusive preview and styling session at Lindbergh—St. Louis newest (and largest) men’s clothing store. Greg Lewis, Wale Soluade, Owen Pye, Darin Slyman, Jimmy Lesch and Bradley Johnson headed to the one-stop-shop to stock up on a selection of items from Lindbergh’s three in-house designed collections, and styled them with their own personal flair.


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  • An Evening At Chesterfield Mall With St. Louis Fashion Influencers

    A group of St. Louis fashion influencers were treated to a VIP tour of Chesterfield Mall‘s newest retail offerings, showing off the destination as one of St. Louis area’s hottest one-stop-shops.


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